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NEW FILM: Nico and the Turtle

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Log Entry 6: A Course Correction

It’s amazing how things work out. We interrupted our passage down the east coast of Mindinao, a 260 nautical mile […]

Log Entry 5: A Sea of Stars

It was our second night out of Tambobo. We were under sail beneath a dark, dirty sky, when I heard […]

Log Entry 4: Little by little, over time, a mountain comes

A solid THUNK followed by silence is never good to hear from your engine. But when you’re two hundred miles […]

Log Entry 3: Up a river in Borneo

July has been an eventful month for Team Labyrinth – we visited the vibrant multi-cultural city of Kuching in Sarawak, […]

Log Entry 2: Tioman to Sarawak, Borneo

JASE For the past two years Jolene and I have been sailing Labyrinth around coastal Malaysia and Thailand. It’s always […]

Log Entry 1: Episode 1 is now LIVE!

I’m very happy to announce that Episode 1 of Voyage of the Labyrinth is live on YOUTUBE! This is […]