Log Entry 1: Episode 1 is now LIVE!

I’m very happy to announce that Episode 1 of Voyage of the Labyrinth is live on YOUTUBE!


This is the first in our regular half hour episodes that will follow us as we sail through SE Asia making beautiful films about ecological issues.


In this episode we returned to our old cruising ground of Tioman Island off the east coast of Malaysia. There we teamed up with international marine NGO Project AWARE Foundation and local dive centre Bnj Diving Centre to conduct a ‪#‎DiveAgainstDebris‬ of nearby Coral Island.


On returning to Tioman we met up with Alvin Chelliah from Reef Check Malaysia who spoke to us about his five year project Cintai Tioman which aims to change the islanders relationship with the ocean and develop a real world solution to the difficult issues facing the modern marine environment.


We plan on producing an episode like this each month as we gather material for the feature films, as well as producing mini-episodes that will take you behind the scenes of our sailing filming diving lives.


With the launch of Episode 1 it is time for us to move on. Next week we will be out of touch as we sail across the South China Sea to Borneo where things are sure to get very interesting.


In the meantime I hope you enjoy the first episode and we look forward to bringing you more episodes from Voyage of the Labyrinth.

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