Who is Team Labyrinth?

Team Labyrinth is a small group of divers, sailors and film makers who use an old sailing trimaran named Labyrinth to travel to remote islands, team up with local conservation groups and make films beautiful films about important issues. The team’s principle members are Jase Kovacs and Jolene Burr.





In 2015 we began our mission to explore the coral triangle, encompassing Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia, one of the most fragile, biologically diverse and heavily populated regions of the world.  We’re connecting with local conservation groups and publicising their vital work.

We want to show you this incredible environment, examine the threats and pressures it faces and discover what both the people here and you at home can do to help preserve them.

Our first episode was shot in June on Tioman Island, off the east coast of Malaysia, and dealt with the often overlooked issue of ocean rubbish. Next, in July, we sailed across the South China Sea to Borneo. There we went up river to explore the tiny patches of jungle that have escaped the voracious logging crews that have destroyed over 90% of Sarawak’s jungle.

In August we headed north into the Philippines via Palawan and Cebu and explore these beautiful and fragile islands and the many threats they face. There we faced a run of bad luck that confined Labyrinth to a marina for a year while we worked on repairs. In that time, we produced Nico and the Turtle, a film about a chain of unlikely events helped change the life of a local fisherman’s son for the better – and may have saved mine and Jolene’s life.


Labyrinth is a 40′ Searunner trimaran, wood with fibreglass overlay, built in 1982.

Labyrinth is a 40′ Searunner trimaran, wood with fibreglass overlay, built in 1982.




We are working with many great organisations during the voyage and the list is growing every day. If you are a conservation organisation or would like to tell us about a project we should film, get in touch!
  • On Pulau Tioman we met up with our old friend Alvin from Reef Check Malaysia, to see how his community based conservation education programs are progressing. You can view that episode now!
  • We are working with Green Fins, who promote responsible scuba dive practises throughout SE Asia, to show how often the best way you can protect the ocean is by choosing the right person to take you there.
  • We’re supporting Project Aware’s Dive Against Debris project by providing data on where and when we remove ocean rubbish, ghost nets and other debris. Plus we teamed up to conduct a special Dive Against Debris in Tioman!
  • In Borneo we will be investigating why fishermen use explosive fishbombs that destroy coral reefs.
  • Plus we’ll share ground breaking research on Manta Ray behaviour, look at how traditional whale hunting become exploitative shows for tourism and take a break from the ocean when we investigate deforestation in Borneo.


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